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如果要对事实遮遮掩掩,只是一味唱好,又怎么可能恢复信心呢? 我对中国2023年度的中央经济工作会议的看法.

My latest column: How is it possible to restore confidence if one has to be economical with the truth? My take on China’s Central Economic Work Conference held this week

For those of you who missed my latest column on SCMP, here it is: China thaw means Beijing can focus on development, not security

I pray for Minnie Chan, my friend and my former colleague at SCMP/我为我的朋友,南早的前同事, 陈敏莉祈祷和祝福

Apologies and Clarifications on the recent postings in Chinese





一年前的今天,对于身在中国的人来说,你很难忘记自己身在何处,心中经历了什么。以下是我对2022年 11 月 27 日这一重要日子的个人回忆。

For those of you in China exactly one year ago today, I am sure you remember what you did and what went through your mind. Here is my recollection of that fateful day.

Liu Heung Shing, a Pulitzer winning photojournalist, speaking to my MA class at HKBU

A witty take on US-China Summit

王向伟最新专栏的中文翻译: 外国投资者正涓涓细流般撤出中国,除非中国政府立即采取实质性措施安抚他们,否则很快就会变成滔滔江水,向西而去。

Hong Kong News-Expo, a beacon of light in troubled times

My latest thought of the day on China: foreign investors are exiting China in a trickle, but it will soon become a river unless Beijing takes immediate and substantive steps to reassure them

RIP Li Keqiang, a man with a broken heart

王向伟最新专栏中文翻译: 香港特首李家超有勇气和毅力解决令这个国际大都会蒙羞数十年的笼屋和劏房问题吗?

Hong Kong must end disgraceful cage homes and lobby Beijing to lift arbitrary exit bans


My latest column: China must go radical to restore confidence in its economy

Seeking truth from facts: China's stonewalling on Qin Gang's dismissal as FM has damaged its image as a responsible world power

王向偉:台海開戰?中美急需達成新共識 驅散戰爭陰霾

An impending war in Taiwan Strait? Beijing and Washington must take full advantage of their return to high-level talks to snuff out the dangerous speculation

百年南華早報從香港看北京 專訪南早前總編輯王向偉


How exit bans are harming China’s push to welcome foreign business

Hong Kong is back but concerns about its future remain

王向偉:重振經濟--多研究些問題 少談些主義

Strategic or tactical? China’s leaders have tried hard to reassure investors. The wisdom of Chinese philosopher Hu Shih comes to mind: “More study of problems, less talk of ‘isms’”.

China’s new premier Li Qiang appeared to have pushed all the right buttons to project a pro-business and pragmatic governing style.


As China’s legislature opened to elect a new government, it’s time to curb the ultra-leftist revival which threatens Xi Jinping’s plan to revive the economy and goal of national rejuvenation

My latest Thought of the Day on China

Why Hong Kong should proudly trumpet capitalism, lead the Greater Bay area development, and guard against the mainland's bureaucratic practices

Great Scholarship Opportunities

Several things about the reopening of China surprise and frustrate Chinese journalists

A New Chapter in the New Year

China's Vice Premier and Economic Czar Liu He's telling moment at the World Economic Forum in Davos

China's ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing is finally out of the doghouse

My latest #ThoughtoftheDayonChina: please check out my chat with Yonden Lhatoo of SCMP at his Talking Post program. We talked about China’s Covid crisis: What went wrong and how bad is it

Why China's incoming premier Li Qiang, widely blamed for Shanghai's two-month lockdown, will become a more capable and more powerful leader