Sitemap - 2022 - Wang Xiangwei's Thought of the Day on China

China's reopening chaos: What has happened to the Chinese Communist Party’s organizational and planning capabilities of which its leaders are so proud and keep reminding the world?

China’s National Health Commission has finally come to its senses and stopped the release of misleading updates of new Covid infections but it must boost transparency to reassure the public

Fever meds in short supply, hospitals overwhelmed, blood shortage, death tolls soaring among the elderly, morgues overflown with body bags --Why China has a man-made crisis after "sudden reopening"

China has started to sweet talk private sector again but actions speak louder than words – much more needs to be done to shore up confidence of entrepreneurs who are watching from afar

China's daily coronavirus updates have become both irrelevant and misleading

As China is to see a significant spike in Covid cases and death toll, its top leaders must lead by example, taking booster shots publicly to encourage vaccination

Calling China's Covid protests "white paper revolution" risks playing right into the hands of the government

Xi-Biden Summit: China and US likely head for a period of uneasy calm, but for how long?

China's President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Joe Biden are set to meet later today. Will their meeting produce any concrete result? Please vote!

China may have announced a major Covid easing by curbing "Ceng Ceng Jia Ma" but its most egregious control measure remains intact -- Beijing's pop-up notification.

Why Chinese officials should better engage international media instead of faulting them for not understanding China well?

Who is going to be the new Chief of Staff to President Xi Jinping?

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